September 2012


It was all I ever dreamed of and more. All week Jan had been preparing me to not be disappointed if no-one showed up and I jokingly spoke of brass bands and fireboats spraying the harbor as we pulled into LGYC. Dr. Bell had called me several times this week from Maine to chat and […]

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As we near the end of our journey we are reminded that life is full of journeys both long and short. Ours was a longer one but as we look back it seems as if we started only a few weeks ago. There are so many memories to recall: Meeting the Chicken Boat. The night

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    Before I tell you about these fine feathered friends I need to catch you up a bit since someone told me the SPOT was not broadcasting perhaps due to severely overcast conditions. It must be able to see those satellites. We finally got away from Green Turtle Bay at 0945 on Friday morning.

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