As we near the end of our journey we are reminded that life is full of journeys both long and short. Ours was a longer one but as we look back it seems as if we started only a few weeks ago. There are so many memories to recall:

Meeting the Chicken Boat.

The night the fawn jumped in the water and tried to board our boat.

The time we got lost on the mud flats when the Admiral missed a turn off Old Briar Creek.

The day in Fairhope when we wrapped a prop, lost an engine and I went swimming in ice water and caught the epizootic.

When we crossed Pensacola Bay in a driving rain.

Our visit to the National Naval Air Museum.

The burial at sea of our friend Capt. Ed.

The transfer of passengers from ship to ship on the way to Panama City.

The crossing of the Gulf of Mexico.

The rescue by Bell and Reece Limousine Service at Steinhatchee.

The grounding in the Anclote River at Tarpon Springs.

Those great meals at Mama’s Greek Restaurant.

The first diver to remove the props in Clearwater.

The visit to secluded Cabbage Key.

Anchoring in the Little Shark River.

Entering the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Burdine’s.

The boys on the corner in Marathon Key.

The last bus to Marathon after a memorable day in Key West.

Hitting the bottom near Toilet Seat Pass.

A stormy night on anchor off Cedar Key.

The Miami Seaquarium.

A day of seeing how the rich people live in Ft. Lauderdale.

A great week in Hollywood, FL.

The bus ride to the Miami Boat Show.

Playing with manatees.

Biking through St. Augustine.

A visit to the Alligator Farm.

Traveling the St. Johns River.

The wooden boats in Tavares.

Walking through Sanford during the Trevon Martin unrest.

The guy on the paddle board.

Meeting Casey and John at Fernandina Beach.

The biting flies on Cumberland Island.

Hard aground in the Medway River.

Charlie and Zach meeting us in Beuafort, SC.

The Megadock in Charleston where Cousin Henry came aboard.

Young William and Gabriella going to the 4545 and meeting the millionaire.

The day the battery nearly exploded.

Docking in a gale at Southport.

Loosing and engine and visiting the Mayo Seafood Company for repairs.

Crossing the Albemarle Sound on plane.

The Dismal Swamp experience.

The USS Wisconsin and joining the Navy.

The menhaden at Reedville and dinner with a four star.

The twins come aboard and we enter DC.

The ride down the Natchez Trace with old friends.

Alex and the late night bike ride to the Lincoln Memorial.

Running up the Atlantic and meeting Lady Liberty in NY Harbor.

The Empire State Building, Ground Zero and the infamous parade.

Flying Alex back to Atlanta.

Judge Young and the Walmart.

A windy day on the Erie Canal.

Fuel spill in Brewerton.

A squall on Lake Ontario.

Arriving in Canada.

The Tent Severn, bridge diving, the Peterborough Lock, the Big Chute Railway and watching 20BUCK$ sail off for the last time.

Roaming through Georgian Bay with Kismet.

Fish and chips at the Little Red Bus.

Cliff diving at Lake Topaz.

The boat crash and near fist fight at Little Current.

Taking Ziggy to Sault Ste. Marie.

The otters in De Tour Harbor.

Mackinac Island and fudge.

Looking for Petoskey Stones.

Crossing Lake Michigan.

Saying goodbye to Dean and Beth.

Zippy flies aboard.

Chicago that Toddling Town.

A bumpy ride down to Calumet and a dead horse.

Meeting Native Son in Joliet.

Harbor Hosts the Bergs in Port Charles.

Riding down the Mississippi.

World’s greatest catfish at Patti’s.

Crossing our wake at Grand Harbor and saying farewell to Rich and Merry Kay.

Sitting here at Ditto Landing remembering all these things.

And if you have missed any of these adventures you only have to click on Blog Archives and surf your way back. And a tip: to get the really old blogs you have to use a real computer. iPhones and iPads will only download so far. The fun never ends when you write it all down.