It was all I ever dreamed of and more. All week Jan had been preparing me to not be disappointed if no-one showed up and I jokingly spoke of brass bands and fireboats spraying the harbor as we pulled into LGYC. Dr. Bell had called me several times this week from Maine to chat and I knew he could not attend. But still I hoped for some sort of reception.

Well we had far more than I ever would have believed! First an escort cruiser Manhattanville met us as we came within 5 miles of home. The Commodore Harry Fachet was at the wheel with his wife Helen and the incoming Commodore Tommy Gray, who you will remember jumped from another moving boat to ours in Destin, FL, was aboard with his wife Sharon who also made that daring leap. They led us in and Jan received a text while I was shaving and showering that a slip was reserved for us at the party dock and people were waiting.

As we entered LGYC harbor a myriad of boat horns began blowing better than any brass band and continued as we motored to our space. A whole gaggle of people were there including Dr. Bell and Colonel Reece! Bell had flown back from Maine to be there. There were even four people who had driven from Chattanooga, TN that we did not know but who have been faithful readers of this website and just wanted to be there at the finish. We were humbled and that is hard to do believe me.

There was champagne on ice with stemmed flutes for everyone! Our friend and Jan’s teacher, Steve Cullen, caught the first line.

Later snacks and drinks abounded in Gossip Hall and a party broke out. In the evening a huge dinner was served in the main ballroom with fresh gumbo and all the trimmings. And I just wanted someone to be there to welcome us.

This was a celebration fit for Lindburgh returning from Paris. The party continued through the Georgia-Tennessee game and into the Alabama-Ole Miss game. What a homecoming, what wonderful friends we have. I wish you all could have attended.

Now don’t give up. We are not done yet. If you are real good tomorrow I will tell you what crossed the river¬†the in front of Cbay on the way to Guntersville and it will be worth the wait.

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    As we near the end of our journey we are reminded that life is full of journeys both long and short. Ours was a longer one but as we look back it seems as if we started only a few weeks ago. There are so many memories to recall. Meeting the Chicken Boat. The night the fawn jumped in the water and tried to board our boat. The time we got lost on the mud flats when the Admiral missed a turn…

    Posted by Cedric Rhoads on Sun, 30 Sep 2012 00:01:56 GMT
    Judge Rusty and The Admiral:
    Thanks so much for asking us along for your adventure. Ken W called you out on the Nordhavn Dreamers group and we’re sure happy that he did. Your descriptions were always intersting and a lot a fun to boot. It was a pleasure to join you on this adventure. Now, start planning for that passage maker and cross the oceans! That’s our plan.

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  2. Bob & Elaine Stevenson

    Rusty & Jan – We have really enjoyed following your adventure for the past year. You two are an amazing couple. It was a real delight for us to be able to actually see your return and to participate in your homecoming at the LGYC along with Joe & Billie Moan. Our very best to you as you continue to enjoy your lives together.

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