Parting is such sweet sorrow…

This morning we bid happy trails to our dear friends Rich and Merry Kay aboard Native Son. It was tough but hopefully we will visit them on dry land one day. Anyone who is lucky enough to hook up with them on the rest of their trip will have easy traveling.

We took 25 gallons of diesel on each side before we left Grand Harbor just as a safely margin. There was little doubt we could have made it home on what we had but we may want to burn a little more and run fast a bit so this makes us feel better.

Today we only ran 41 miles to Florence, AL where we are docked with Craig and Barb on Blue Heron. They are killing time waiting on the fall AGLCA Rendezvous and will eventually go as far north as Chattanooga.

Craig and I tackled what was supposed to be a simple job on his boat. He had some work done and thought they had cut his coax cable for the TV but when I saw it I knew it was not coax cable. It was the master grounding cable to protect the boat in case of a lightening strike and it had been cut in two since Norfolk, VA! So this repair took precedence and now they are protected once again. Then I rewired their TV cable to include an antenna similar to ours.

We went to dinner at Dale’s. This is the restaurant where Dale’s marinade that you see in the store was discovered. We shared a delicious dinner.

Tomorrow we move to our last staging area before returning to our home port. We will stay there two night’s and use the layover to clean the boat up a bit and begin sorting out what we are removing from the boat. We expect to arrive at the party dock at LGYC on Saturday at 1300 hours. See you there.