Strange marina…

Our trip since Grand Harbor was mostly uneventful. There are some beautiful sights and homes along this stretch. 

As things wind down so do we. Today we left Florence Harbor Marina and said goodbye to Craig and Barb and their Labs Joe and Bailey on Blue Heron. Not sure if we will see them again. It depends on many factors and we are running out of time.

There were two locks at Wilson and Joe Wheeler. We traveled with Miss Katie, a trawler based on the Tennessee that is hoping to do the Loop in the future. They pulled off at Joe Wheeler State Park where we attended the Rendezvous last October. But we pushed on to Decatur, AL where we pulled into the Riverwalk Marina. A fancy sounding name for a not so fancy marina.

Sometimes picking a marina is a gamble based on a recommendation or an advertisement or just a hunch. We had never been here before and likely will not return. It is not that anything is particularly wrong with it, it is just that it is strange.

No-one came out to meet us and catch a line even though we had just spoken to them. The transient docks were deserted of people though there were two boats there. A huge wooden cruiser that looks like a fire would be a blessing and an old derelict steel houseboat. The power plug-in looked like the spiders were the only thing that had used it in a long time. I cleaned it up and used dielectric grease to prep it for the plug. Luckily it did work.

There is a restaurant of sorts but and that is where you check in. The price was right at $29.25 but we decided to only stay one night instead of the original two. The restaurant had three lady employees and no-one else was in the place and an unusual odor permeated the air around the entrance. So we are moving tomorrow and will eat onboard tonight.

Tomorrow we are moving to Ditto Landing which is 28 miles closer to LGYC and we will try to clean the boat there. Today was just too tiring to leave much energy for cleaning. See I told you we were winding down.