Lake Topaz reprise…

Bet you thought I was done didn’t you? Well I have only been resting, actually working on other projects, but we will try to give you a few more gleanings as time permits.

Remember Lake Topaz? We hiked a couple of miles up into the hills around Baie Fine to see the secluded lake reported to be blue as a topaz and cold as ice. You may remember that Tara Parker and I rose to the challenge to leap from a rock ledge into the water some 40 feet below! At that time I only had one lowly picture Jan took and it only showed a body splashing into the lake. I promised that I would try to get copies of pictures Joe Parker had taken with Tara”s high tech camera. As it turned out we never saw them again on the trip as our paths diverged when we went north to get the endangered African Grey Ziggy back into the USA.

Well yesterday we finally caught up with the Parkers at Island Cove Marina in Chattanooga, TN. They were moving Seabatical to her new home port and we volunteered to deliver their SUV to them and have dinner. There I was able to obtain a disc of photos from Tara and now you will absolutely have proof that once again I was telling the truth about our daring feat. So enjoy and then you decide if you would dare to jump if you were there. By the way, Tara is a semi-pro skydiver with over 347 jumps out of perfectly good airplanes and even she said jumping off that cliff was intimidating.

Tara’s form was much superior to mine as you will soon see, but remember she is a mere child and when I was her age I would have turned a flip.