Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

At long last we return to the website to wish all our Cyber Crew a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years. As have most of you, we have been busy attending to family and home duties much to the neglect of our beloved Cbay and Crew. I think it normal that most of those who complete the Great Loop suddenly find themseelves with a different agenda and flounder about trying to adapt to a new pace of life. We have certainly done our share of floundering.

Now I do have at least a couple more blog entries to complete our story and I intend to address those in January. Meanwhile I have to try and edit all our previous blog entries in preparation for having them printed in book form for posterity. NO, you cannot purchase a copy. This will be a one off printing that will cost between $250-500 for the copy. I know you love us but there are limits to your devotion. Our friends Dean and Beth had theirs printed and brought their copy for us to share on a recent visit to our home. Even Ziggy came and sat on our kitchen table. What a treat! Anyway, theirs cost $250 and was in two bound volumes like an encyclopedia. It was a treasure but ours will require more volumes I expect due to my irrepressable verbosity. Who knew a big mouth would cost me money?

The above image shows you the installation of our bottle tree acquired in Beaufort, SC and left in the care of Charles and Anne Moore. It made its way to Milledgeville, GA and finally to us when we met for lunch recently in Madison, GA. That is one well traveled bottle tree. I removed a fountain feature in the backyard in order to install the tree. That fountain was a pain anyway. You can clearly see from the photo why I seldom appear on camera as Captain Jan does not claim among her many talents to be a photographer. But you get the gist of the tree.

So until I can get back to you, please from Cbay to you have a wonderful holiday. Now dash away, dash away, dash away all.