Mackinac, Mackinaw, either way spells excitement…

This morning we departed from De Tour Harbor after a 0715 pump out. No sense hauling that extra weight around. Our destination was approximately 40 miles down Lake Huron to Mackinac Island where the rich and not so rich, like us, go to play. When we moved out onto Huron it was amazing how much things had calmed down. The ride was easy all the way and the wind was with us so we made good time. By 1130 we were calling Mackinac Island Harbor on the VHF.

Entering this harbor can be intimidating as huge ferries are flying in on hydrofoils like swarms of insects and private boats are running about with no regard for other boats. Months ago we would have freaked with this around us but now it is just part of the game. One smaller cruiser backed right out in front of us as we got into the fairway and he then froze and stared. I was on the bow and stared back, shrugged my shoulders and motioned for him to just pick a lane. Once he did we went right into our slip with a gusting side wind. Naturally the Admiral drove it in perfectly astounding the all male attendants.

Then it was time for a swim!!! Well not exactly a planned swim. I threw a 30 foot line up on the dock with a snap ring on it to use in pulling the stern closer in. Jan could not get to it and it went over the other side, into the water and sank. That was about $50 worth to the bottom. So I quickly donned my swimsuit and dove for it. Took only a few minutes to spot it under Kismet and using a boat pole I hooked it and Dean pulled it up. Now that was some crisp cold water, sort of like Lake Topaz. I know the dock hands thought we were nuts. Old people diving off boats.

If you have never been here then you need to add it to your bucket list. It is one of the 10 greatest islands in the world. You can smell the horse manure as you enter the harbor. There are horse drawn carriages everywhere and little men on bikes with containers on the back that ride around shoveling manure all day and night. Wonder what that pays?

Bicycles are king. There are literally thousands and thousands of them like in Hong Kong or something. The huge ferries come flying in every few minutes disgorging hundreds from each boat. They all immediately run to rent a bike or get a carriage. It is sheer bedlam.

Restaurants, hotels and fudge shops are everywhere. There’s gold in that fudge I tell you.

The centerpiece of the Island is The Grand Hotel where the cheapest room starts at $498 per night. Makes me appreciate this bargain we are staying in for $59 per night.

We will be here for three nights. Loopers are gathering here in a bottleneck. Already Seabiscuit, Rickshaw, Native Son and Seabatical are here and others will arrive soon. Everyone seems to have the same plan as we ready for the run down Lake Michigan to Shy Town( Chicago ).