De Tour – sharp photos ahead

This will be a simple format. Photos with captions. Some readers prefer it that way, though I cannot see why, and that is why Heinz made all those 57 Varieties. Many of these go back into Canada.

This fellow completely handbuilt his boat and carved the figureheads. We have seen him at several stops. Gorgeous work.

Met this friendly fellow in a tuxedo in Little Current.

Jan has turned Biker Babe in preparation for our next great adventure, a ride to Sturgis and Alaska. I can’t wait to see her in her leathers.

Dean finds another mode of travel.

Some folks use these to try and scare the Canada Geese off the grass. Doesn’t even work for the seagulls.

A typical meal aboard Cbay. Nice presentation.

He lost his tail chasing cars but it cured him they said.

Bad bicycle wreck in De Tour.

Inside the Catholic Church in Sault Ste. Marie.

These sweet ladies were from Dayton, Ohio on holiday and were taking pictures on the dock at De Tour when we arrived. They were so excited to see big boats come in and asked if they could take a picture of the boat so i invited them aboard for a complete tour. They were so¬†thrilled and had their pictures made sitting at the helm on the flybridge. Always try to bring some sunshine into someone’s day. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

Admirals’ conference in progress, DO NOT DISTURB.

Looks like this freighter is hard aground but actually someone cut the bow off a scrapped one and used it for a guest house. Too much money and too little sense I think. But it is unique.

Otters playing behind the boat during dinner and a rainbow signaled the end of the storm and our hopes for leaving tomorrow are raised. It does not get any better than this.