Somewhere in Mackinac…

We are now spending our final day in the summer paradise of Mackinac Island. Here is a pictorial with captions of just a few of our adventures. Truly a camera cannot capture the vibrant beauty of this spot.

Architecture on the island. Many of the old homes have been converted to B&B’s. All appear to be well maintained.

Kites flying off The Point. There is always a breeze blowing through the Mackinac Straight where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet. I wish I had time to participate. I am an old kite flyer taught by my father.

Horses rule here. When the first horseless carriages were introduced the buggy drivers signed a petition and convinced the city council to ban motor vehicles which probably saved the island. It makes for a lot of horse manure but that creates jobs too. We did see one motor vehicle however. Some things need to move faster than a horse and buggy.

We finally made it to The Grand Hotel where we had expensive drinks on the veranda. What is expensive? Try $27 for two drinks and they did not even have the ingredients for a Singapore Sling. At 1815 a lady walks around and tells all the peasants like us that there is a change of attire at 1830 when only those in coat and tie are allowed on the porch and in the main lobby. We had to leave through the basement. Now that is stuffy but it is a beautiful place for sure.

Truly it is grand and I will try to post more photos another time. Meanwhile there are so many things to make one want to spend more time here. You pick the one that would appeal most to you.