Alex looks at New York City…

Just for a hoot I will let you look at NYC through the eyes of a 10 year old. Whereas we might see a building and marvel at the architecture or the historical significance, his perspective is based on TV and movies. So here we go.

This is the building where King Kong was killed.

This is the building where Thor stood in the Avengers to shoot lightening bolts at the creatures coming through the portal in the sky.

This is the building where Tony Stark aka Iron Man has his headquarters.

This is the building where the Ghostbusters had to clean out the alien life-force.

This is the building they blew up in some other scifi movie.

And on and on all day as he would recognize something that he could associate with something he had seen. I suppose this is how they will teach history in the future.

Yesterday, Monday, was a serious workday. I spent nearly 6 hours in the engine room changing main engines’ oil and filters plus four fuel filters. No easy feat but it is done. I pray that fuel filter change will remedy the erratic fuel flow on the starboard side. That main filter was slightly clogged. Had not been changed since Panama City, FL. There have been hundreds of gallons of fuel run through that filter since then.

Today, Tuesday, Jan had a crown to pop off a tooth and had to walk to a nearby dentist who did a nice job at a reasonable price. She had to pay but they will file our insurance claim. This is how it was in the old days. Kept people from running to the doctor at the drop of a hat. If everyone had to pay up front out of their own pocket and wait on their insurance to reimburse them we would have a more manageable system.

Meanwhile I checked the sacrificial zincs in both engines and the generator and replaced three. Hopefully now that we are about to move into all freshwater this will carry us through the trip.

This afternoon we all went on a bus ride back to the shopping area that Alex and I visited earlier. Alex met a friend named Hector and they discussed video games all the way. We took in a movie, The Avengers, and Alex had to explain a few things to us. While waiting for the movie to begin I spotted the Unisex Palace Hair Salon and gave in to the urge to get back to normal. Here are the results. Only the second time in 35 years someone other than Dewey Bass has cut my hair. I agree that it looks kind of weird swept back like that.

Back in Croton we ate at a diner and headed back to the boat to pack up Alex for the trip home tomorrow. Please do not look for a blog tomorrow as I must get up at 0400 and do not expect to get back here for around 16 hours.

Oh Canada, oh Canada…yes friends were are about to head that way and it is time for me to prepare you all for how this border crossing will ultimately affect my ability to post these blogs because it definitely will.

In Canada I will switch our phones to an international plan that should allow us to continue telephone use pretty much as usual. However, this does not include data. At present I use nearly 10 gigs of data per month. That is a boatload of data and costs $80 per month. But in Canada there is NO CHEAP data and it would cost thousands to continue posting on my mobile hot spot so it will go into the drawer. We will be totally dependent on public WIFI found in restaurants and libraries etc. This translates into less frequent postings though I will continue to write them daily on my iPad and save them until I can upload. So don’t say I didn’t tell you because I just did. And please do not tell me to change to a Canadian company because they will not do business unless you have a Canadian billing address and bank account. Many Loopers have tried many ways and it all comes down to this.