Say goodbye to Alex and hello to Bob…

On 6/27 we awoke at 0400 and by 0445 Alex and I were walking in the twilight to the train station 1.5 miles away. I think he was sad to be leaving the boat and Mimi but excited about his first plane ride.

We caught the North Metro train into Grand Central where I paid $5.54 for Alex a pack of gum. Can you believe it? I told him it better be the world’s best gum. He made the face to show his displeasure with the price. The gum was good however.

Outside the station Alex had one more NY adventure on the way to the shuttle. No it was not the leftovers from the Gay Rights Parade. The Men’s Wearhouse was promoting it’s program to donate your old suits to help men who did not have proper interview clothes. I wish I had thought quick enough to have Alex take off his shirt.

We caught the Super Shuttle to La Guardia and Air Tran to Atlanta. Alex rested at the airport. When that plane took off he started giggling uncontrollably. Said it tickled him. I started laughing myself. The plane behind him is the one we flew.

Arriving in Atlanta we were greeted by both Popi Don and Dr Bell of all people. I turned Alex over to Don and was sad myself then. Dr. Bell had just stopped by to keep me company during my layover.

During lunch Allyn presented me with a package. It contained one dozen yard eggs from his chickens, a box of tomatoes from his garden, a loaf of bread he baked and a bag of his famous Stienhatchee Cookies, so named from our famous trip back to the boat in January. I need to tell you about running that stuff through security. I was watching the screen as it came through the machine. I could see the eggs clearly. Looked like a dozen hand grenades! The agent quickly called for his supervisor who ran over to look. I leaned over and said I can explain. A farmer came to see me and left me eggs, tomatoes and bread because he did not believe they had these things in NY. She laughed and said go ahead and I was through. We have since enjoyed tomato sandwiches on Bell bread for lunch. Now if Dr. Bell could learn to make mayonnaise we would have it all.

On the way back I sat next to a new mother and her 6 week old baby girl Ellery. She was a cutie and the baby looked alright too! Never made a peep. I gave the mom a Steinhatchie cookie and she wanted to know what that was so I explained. Bet she was sorry she asked. Maybe she will read the blog now. She was very grateful for the cookie as the airlines are stingy with snacks. 

By the time I got back to the boat it was 2130 and I was totally wiped out. We got up and left on 6/28 at 0630. Tough day for sure.

On Thursday we covered over 90 miles, some of it at speed. The Hudson River is gorgeous and we are so glad to be back in fresh calm water. I will post some pictures in the next blog so be patient. They are worth it.

Arriving at Coeyman’s Landing Marina south of Albany we took on nearly 200 gallons of fuel. Our bill with two night’s stay was $964! 

Now we had a visitor. Our dear friend Judge Robert Young had driven up from Allentown, PA and was staying over one night. Bob is a retired judge and we met at the National Judicial College cica 1987. He and wife Caroline are delightful and Jan and I have had many adventures with them over the years including Niagra Falls and Dollywood. Bob tried to pay our slip fee, wanted to pay for fuel and tried to buy our groceries. We put our feet down but did let him treat us to a nice dinner at the Red Lobster. He had his car and took us to Albany to shop for a number of things. We ended up filling that Oldsmobile. We sure appreciate all Bob did for us above and beyond the call of duty. As I have said before we are blessed in our friends.