Cbay goes on Seabatical…

Rather than try to load photos on this blog I will do an extra edition with just photos and captions

This morning was another working one. Jan used the vacuum cleaner on the flybridge and inside while I tended to other chores. I managed to find the right replacement zinc’s for the shafts and rudders. Now I just need a diver to go down and do the work. Talked to a guy who may be available this afternoon.

Joe and Tara aboard Seabatical are due any time and will dock two slips down for the night. We should be able to go to dinner in town and then we will all shove off in the morning. They will be going all the way to DC but we will stopover in Aquia Creek and wait for the Brookbanks.

Joe and Tara arrived just after lunch and we had a nice visit. Their cat Lil’ Bit jumped right off onto the dock and made herself at home. The ducks seemed to know she could not get in the water and paid her no mind.

Remember the Bell House from yesterday? Well it was built by Alexander Graham Bell and he spent many weekends here. A little known factoid. His home is now a bed and breakfast so you can sleep where Bell slept. Alexander not Allyn. Of course if the price is right I can arrange for you to sleep at Dr. Allyn Bell’s house too. 🙂

My diver Jim came at around 1700 to handle the zincs. It was none to soon to change them. There was not enough left of the old ones to bring to the surface. Timing is everything sometimes. Jim said all else looks great underwater and we are set for the dash to freshwater in June.

Joe and Tara went to dinner with us at the Thai Restaurant in town. It was excellent and after dinner we walked into the casino which was a real bust. No slots, no gaming tables and nothing fancy. Just off track betting on horses and Keno. Pitiful, just pitiful. There were signs in the entrance that said Welcome to Maryland on one side and Welcome to Virginia on the other. I do not see how they pay the rent.

Tomorrow we will pull out at mid morning. Seabatical will leave at dawn because they have a long hard day.