Shifting gears…

The weather seems to have blown over and we had a near perfect day for exploring the hamlet of Colonial Beach. But first I will give you a brief tour of the boatyard here where a wide variety of boats are in various states of repair.

Someone actually lives in this plstic wrapped boat. It is a wood boat and probably leaks like a seive so he had it wrapped and is working on it inside. Great idea. (Keep reading later blogs and you will see this butterfly emerge.)

It was getting closer to lunchtime so we got out the old bikes and headed toward town. It was apparent that the bikes are in need of some TLC as they are not shifting gears properly and the brakes are in need of adjustment. I sometimes wonder how people who cannot do anything mechanical are able to keep going. I know some that just throw away the old bikes and buy new ones but this is contrary to everything I believe. Anyway we were on our way to town.

This is a small town on a peninsula that apparently is a regular weekend retreat for many people. It has no big motel chains, only small motor courts as they were called when I was a child. Maybe one of these houses belongs to relatives of our buddy Dr. Bell though he never mentioned family this far north.

There is a casino here for gaming of various types. But there is an oddity about it. You see we discovered that there is an unusual arrangement as to borders here. Virginia, where we are, owns only to the high water line of the Potomac. The rest of the river is owned by the state of Maryland and it is Maryland that allows the casino. So how does it end up in Colonial Beach?

The parking lot and entrance are all above the high waterline and thus in Virginia. So is the restaurant and restrooms I believe. But the gaming floor is built out over the river on pilings and thus situated firmly in the state of Maryland. How is that for skirting the law?

We have not yet entered the casino but I suppose we can take a peek tomorrow. From the look of the cars in the parking lot I do not think they were catering to a very high toned crowd at lunchtime. One wonders just who is gambling on a workday and whose money are they using. My guess is mine and yours but that is a discussion for another day.

I am not sure how significant it is but this turkey vulture was waiting right outside the casino. Perhaps he knows something about the odds of winning in this establishment.

We rode out to the Food Lion to pick up a few items and the to Tru Value Hardware for a roll of yellow rescue tape and a spray can of oil. This is for the power cord project I am working on and for the work I have to do on the bikes. It is always something.

Back at the boat we listened to the radio and I may have stolen a little nap. Then it was change into work clothes and get down to business on those bikes. Salt air and constant folding and unfolding take a toll on equipment and the bikes needed attention. I thoroughly cleaned and lubed the chains and gears. How I wish I had all my bike tools that are at home but I made do with what I had. The brakes were adjusted and the shifters were oiled and cables adjusted so that all gears are now available again.

It was after 8pm when I was done and I was covered in grease. The second shower of the day delayed dinner until 9pm but we enjoyed it even more.

Tomorrow we hope friends Joe and Tara will be arriving. It will be nice to have someone to share stories with if even for a day.