Extra Edition

Photos are the toughest thing I do because they take so long to upload depending on the connection. A typical blog can take two hours just to load photos. I can write a blog in 30 minutes but then have to add photos. So sometimes I just cannot give you pictures. But tonight I will catch you up.

This mother Mallard has managed to keep 11 babies alive. This is a minor miracle.

This is the boat that was wrapped in plastic with people living aboard. On Wednesday morning they began cutting themselves out. It was like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. What had happened was that a covered slip became available so they can pull under there and the boat won’t leak, so the plastic is no longer needed. They had to be towed to the new slip so obviously their engine work is incomplete.

Seabatical caught up with Cbay after all these months.

Friends Joe and Tara, who used to practice law before me. We never knew they were into boating until we all ended up at the AGLCA Rendezvous.

Diver Jim surfaces after changing the zincs. Nice man. (I would later learn in Orillia, Canada, when I dove under the boat, that he had probably dropped one half of one zinc and just put on the other half and never said a word. No big deal but he should have said something. I could have bought another zinc in 10 minutes up at the marina store.) 

The two sided sign that represents the strange border inside the casino. Walking in it welcomes you to Maryland and leaving it welcomes you to Virginia. Only in America. My friend Jack Menendez always says, what a country. Up here Maryland owns to the high water mark and has gambling. Virginia has no gambling. So you enter from Virginia into the restaurant and restroom area and walk across the floor past the high water line and into the gambling floor. Where there is a will…