Swan Song…

Today has been very uneventful but thought I would share it in any event.

The aftermath of last night’s storm was a dull and dreary sky with misting rain on and off all day. Not really much to do as we cannot get out the bikes in this mess.

Old Seabiscuit was not to trapped in Onancock. They followed the Carlisle Plan and decided to make a break at dawn for the mainland and made it with time to spare before things got rough. So now they are somewhere near Solomons Island and have leapfrogged ahead of us perhaps for the last time.

20BUCK$ has repaired it’s broken water pump and finally gotten out of Annapolis and headed north. Pat dropped her phone in the Chesapeake as a sacrifice to gain fair seas.

Joe and Tara aboard Seabatical are moving toward us up the Potomac and believe they will link up with us here at Colonial Beach. It will be good to see them if they make it with the weather.

Meanwhile we are dawdling. I did repair the power cords today and cleaned about half the length before I ran out of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Those things truly are magic. If you haven’t tried them you need to.

At least the waterfowl enjoyed the day.

No little Margaret, these ducks did not turn into swans. They never do really. Ducks will always be ducks and swans will always be swans because that is the way it was always meant to be. And once the ducks learn to love being ducks they will never need to be swans because they are perfectly beautiful ducks and all will live happily ever after.