A dark and dreary day…

We pulled out from the Megadock in Charleston on a slack tide at 0730. Jan at the wheel with able assistant Gabriela(this is the corrected spelling) and William and I were on deck. I quickly loosed all lines and leaped aboard as William used a boat pole to push the back off the dock. Jan went forward into the fairway and straightened before beginning to back approximately 150 yards between boats to an area where she could spin around. All were suitably impressed and we headed out into the Ashley River in a slight fog.

We figured that if it got worse we could turn back and drop an anchor till it cleared.

Here is a last glimpse of Ft. Sumter from about a half mile as we crossed the sea lane. One ship was on the radio announcing they were heading out to sea and another was at the outer marker coming in. Lucky we got across and never saw either.

Young William had his chance to drive early on and cleared the first bridge. Gabriela said he looked nervous. You be the judge.

Here Jan is trying to clear the glassine so William can see. We never opened a window all day as it never stopped raining.

When William went downstairs to make some business calls I convinced Gabriela to drive. She was relaxed mostly and did fine.

As we turned into the river leading to Georgetown a pulp barge was also turning in so we speeded up to beat him in.

Tied up at Harborwalk Marina which is a very nice facility right downtown.

We dined at Big Tuna and the table behind us had the loudest woman laughing I have ever heard. Need to introduce her to the guy from Dudley’s. We also talked to a neat couple from this area.

They had a parrot inside Big Tuna. When I took his picture he said, “That will be a buck!” Not really but he did say “goodbye”.

This is a neat little town and an odd juxtaposition is the paper mill right across the water just like in Fernandina Beach.

On the walk back to the boat we played on a joggling board. Can anyone tell us it’s usage?

Tomorrow we tour the town.