25 hour day…

…or at least it seemed that way and when you read how much we packed into it, you will think the same thing.

It all started at 3am this morning when we were sound asleep. And it started in Conyers, GA where Young William and lovely bride Gabriella were preparing to leave for Charleston. Meanwhile back at the boat we were up at 7am and by 8am I was in the parking lot waiting on Enterprise to pick me up for a rental car.

While I was at the rental counter I overheard two nice ladies from Boston, who had just arrived and turned in a car, asking about where to go for breakfast that was not too far to walk. Naturally I interjected and offered them a ride to the Hominy Grill. They accepted and when we got to the car the younger one asked me what I did for Enterprise and I told her I was just renting a car. She thought I worked there because of all the conversation I was having with the ladies at the counter. I told her that I talked to everybody like that. It was at that point she seemed uncertain and told her mother that they might be riding with a serial killer. I said she was not far wrong and paused before telling her I was a retired judge. That seemed to break the ice. Here is a picture of Fran and her mother whose name I think is Pam but it could be Ann or Gwen. I apologize for not writing it down.

Back at the marina the Todds arrived right on time. You should see all the luggage they brought. I wonder how much they would have carried if Jan had not told them to pack light. It filled up a dock cart. In fact you can see it right here.

We took them to Cbay for the obligatory picture all guests must have taken beside the boat and then we were off to Georgetown where we will leave their vehicle so that they have a way home on Sunday or Monday.

In Georgetown we went to Harborwalk Marina to drop the car and make arrangements to tie up tomorrow night. That is where we met the resident dog.

On the way back to Charleston we were needing lunch and I decided to introduce Gabriella to Gullah cuisine which I told here was chicken feet and cow intestines. Actually it was really fine southern cooking. Here is a picture of William admiring my behind. I am beginning to think my little trip to the gay bar is having some after effects.

All along the highway are roadside stands where Gullah people are selling their wares, mostly hand woven baskets. In the Charleston Market these baskets are hundreds of dollars each but out here there is no overhead and plenty of competition everywhere, so the prices are a fraction of that. We bought a unique little one that will be Jan’s early birthday present. Here are some of the weavers. Gloria is the lady that weaved our basket and she is showing Gabriella her weaving technique.

On the way back we saw a crew of four men staring into a hole. Tax dollars at work.

We opened another business while we were here and I am hiring painters.

More racing boats were arriving daily. The races begin on Friday.

A woman had passed out and hit her face in the Market. The EMT’s were loading her up.

We found a real blues man on the street.

A spring wedding was a nice interlude.

We returned the rental car but the Enterprise lady seemed reluctant to appear in the blog.

A stop at Barbara Jean’s for a drink or two where we met two nice ladies who worked there but were getting off and having a bit of refreshment before driving home to Pawley’s Island.

Here are some beautiful spring flowers that I have been meaning to photograph each day.

Dr. Rod and Jimmy from our yacht club have caught up with us on Hindsight.

We all walked to dinner at the Hominy Grill for a fabulous dinner. What a time we had telling stories. Here we are with our server.

And as we bid you goodnight here is a little something for one of my special readers.

Tomorrow we get an early start to Georgetown. Watch us on SPOT.