Butter my butt and call me a biscuit…

Another whirlwind day of touring and exploring. We head off to Pawley’s Island, because remember we have the Todd’s vehicle here and are not limited in scope of travel.

After a brief tour of the island itself we go to find the shopping area because we quickly discover that Pawley’s Island is strictly residential and apparently does not allow any business other than rental units. All the shopping is on the mainland.

William had been wanting to purchase a Pawley’s Island Hammock for Gabriela and this is the place to get one. There is a hammock village with all sorts of shops to roam through.

After trying several display models a selection was made, purchased and loaded. Here is a pictorial of the event including the exact model selected.

Even Jan got into the shopping fervor and bought a wallet and a bar of soap. The soap alone was $7.75 plus tax for one bar!!! That should tell you this was not Dollar General. I plan to watch Jan every time she washes her face to get my money’s worth. When I told her this was outrageous, she told me, ” Just butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” She had been reading a book of southern expressions and that was a new one on me. Perhaps some of you will find a use for it.

We were walking around when Jan spotted a shrub just covered in a swarm of small white flies. Not sure what attracted then but there were thousands.

Found a place called Creek Ratz for lunch. Right on the water and a local favorite. 

The term creek ratz was what they called their kids when they came home after spending the day playing on the mud flats. If they had run into what I found on the mud flats they would have run all the way home.

Met the bird lady, Diane. I thought she had a cute stuffed bird on her hat until it winked at me. It’s name is Piggy and it is a fledgling Carolina Wren, the state bird. It fell out of a nest and had no feathers when found. She hand raised it and the bird thinks she is it’s mother. She feeds it mealworms and dips her finger in water to let it drip in the bird’s mouth. When she puts it on a perch and tries to walk away it flies to her hat and will not leave.

Speaking of wildlife we met Tess the Cat in an antique store. She wears a double strand of pearls and loves dogs and children.

We decided to take a trolley tour of Georgetown and our tour guide was Lloyd. He was very friendly and knowledgable. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the tour. This is a neat little town with a lot of history.

Now I leave you with a question and an answer.

The answer to last night’s joggling board question is not a simple one. Only my former Administrative Assistant Cynthia was completely right as she has spent time in this area before. An elderly lady from Scotland lived in this area and loved a buggy ride but became too old to ride in a buggy. A carpenter from a family estate in Scotland sent plans to build this device. The old lady could be placed on the board which mimics the movements of a buggy while staying on the front porch. Soon others wanted one and children love to bounce on them. Then couples who were courting would be allowed to sit on them on the porch starting a respectful distance apart, but by joggling they would slowly shift toward the center until they were sitting side by side which would indicate how much they wanted to be together. If you wish to see one in action just click on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kpAZ1BBnFw

Now for a new and baffling question. Can you identify this? The writing says Bubba’s Love Shak, Murrells Inlet, SC, “Bubba’s Love Glove”. Any ideas?