Jan gets clipped…

This was mostly a normal uneventful day if you don’t count the near street fight I almost had on Wentworth Street. More on this later but let’s go through the day by the numbers.

A big sailboat race is coming to Charleston. I believe it is the Atlantic Cup but not certain. All I know is that racing sailboats are coming in every day and filling the north end of the marina. Here are a couple of photos. It is possible from the flag she is flying that the dragon boat was a previous winner. We watched them unload several smaller sailboats from a different class. They take them off trailers with a crane.

First thing this morning we headed out to soak up some culture. A trip to the Gibbes Museum of Art. Many works of local artists and also some nationally acclaimed ones. We were not supposed to take photos but I turned off the flash and sneaked a few. The marble bust of a veiled woman was so real. It was like looking at her face through a veil yet it was all solid marble.

Jan wanted a haircut so we went to Whispers to get her clipped. And when I paid the bill I felt like I had gotten a trim myself. I am sure they were reasonably priced for women’s hair but not being used to paying for it myself I had a little sticker shock.

While she was getting the haircut I ran to a nearby bike shop that I had spotted yesterday to get a new bicycle computer. My last one was run over by a truck in Jacksonville. Luckily it was not attached to the bike when this happened. It was a cheap and when I hit a bump it bounced off the handlebar.

I returned to Whispers where they had a nice bench beside the front door and spread out my tools and began the installation. While I was doing this a nice couple walked up and started a conversation about the bike and our trip.

It was then that a fellow had stopped in the street one lane over from the curb. This was a one way street with parallel parking on the far curb. The gentleman was trying to back into a space when another guy in a big SUV pulled up right on his bumper preventing the first fellow from parking. Then the second guy begins sitting on his horn like a jackass when all he had to do was come around in the other lane. Finally he swings around and starts yelling and cursing the car driver demanding to know what he thought he was doing. Well I had had enough of this rudeness. I will abide many things but rudeness and bullying are not among them. I stepped out into the street and slapped his door which made him jump. I said, “If you must know he was trying to parallel park until some idiot pulled up behind him and started honking his horn. Now quit hassling him and clear this street right now!” how is that for effective communication?

Well, he was astounded and I also think he got the odds. The driver of the other car, me and the man I had been talking to made his choice pretty clear. He floored it and was gone. I really must quit injecting myself into these things. One day a 6’5″ 250lb guy is going to climb out and teach me the meaning of being 5’7″. But like our little Daisy, a big attitude works on most people because they are not expecting to be challenged. Anyway it made a good story and it ain’t April 1st either.

By this time I had worked up an appetite and so we went to Jestine’s for lunch. It was less than 100 feet away. At Jestine’s you stand in line on the street and they come out and get you when a table is ready. First come, first served. The food was spectacular. Some of the best fried chicken livers I ever tasted with mashed potatoes, fried okra, cornbread and tea. Mighty fine.

Then back to the museum and a couple of galleries.

Someone wrote in and asked me about that gold coin. I think they believe that carrying a coin that came from a sunken submarine may have caused us to run aground all those times. I sure hope not because I am keeping it.

The Todds arrive tomorrow morning and we will drive to Georgetown to stage a vehicle for their return trip. Jan did laundry and we are ready to roll.