Harris Teeter and Rusty comes out of the closet!

This morning was grocery day. The marina provides a shuttle every hour that will take you downtown so we jumped on the 10 am to ride to Harris Teeter for supplies. We used to have one or two in our county but Publix ran them out I think. Anyway they are a nice upscale store and we loaded up on heavy items like water, soft drinks and beer.

There is a tall ship at the Megadock undergoing a refitting. She is the Spirit of Massachusetts and this morning one of the crew was up in the crow’s nest.

Now many of you may not be as involved in this trip as others so I will clue you in on the latest we learned from Young William Todd who is a bit of a voyeur. He will be on board this Wednesday and you will learn more about him than you ever wanted to know, but for now I will tell you what he has discovered.

If you Google Charleston City Dock you will discover that they have a webcam and by using it you can find Cbay sitting on the inside of the Megadock. It will be one of the smaller boats and is easy to spot. Look for a yellow ball on the bow and two red bikes parked near the stern. If you are lucky you might see us getting on and off. We got an email from William saying that he was keeping an eye on us and that someone was spray painting the bow. It was me using a hose to fill the water tank.

We rode downtown late this afternoon to peek into a few shops and have dinner. We found the General Store where they have all sorts of old time candies. I found Charms, the little square candies that I loved to get as a child. Jan picked out an assortment of wrapped candies that we will have for months to come.

Next we rode to Basil, a Thai restaurant. I am not a big Thai fan but Jan likes it and it was surprisingly good.

As we were eating on the sidewalk you could hear raucous laughter coming from sidewalk tables at the bar just down the street. This guy had a laugh so loud and infectious that he could have recorded laugh tracks for sitcoms. The waitress said Dudley’s was always like that so when we finished eating we walked our bikes down there to speak to them. The guy was so friendly and he stepped from the table and came to hug my neck! It was then that I realized there were only men at this place and that I had walked into a gay bar. Jan said the guy was hitting on me. Must be the Van Dyke. So now I have come full circle. We left Dudley’s without taking any pictures. I am sure friend Charlie will be getting a kick out of the worm turning on me this time.

A side trip brought us to Marion Square named for the Swamp Fox of Revolutionary War fame. I found no statue of Marion but here is one of John Calhoun.

On the way home we saw the Wentworth Mansion. What a house. I have no idea of it’s history but it is huge.

Back to the boat where we rode to the end of the Megadock to look at our rich neighbors. Then in to watch Dancing With the Stars. Jan has gotten into it and I could care less so I blog.