Our cup runneth over…

For the six months we have been on this journey, with the exception of a day trip from Destin to Panama City with guests aboard, we have had no other people to come and see us. Now in the course of two weeks we have had so many crew members to sign aboard that we have had to set up a schedule!

Our daughter Casey and husband John visited at Fernandina Beach, Charlie and Zach came aboard in Beaufort and traveled to Charleston where his bride Anne joined us, my first cousin Henry drove in from Charlotte today and is aboard tonight, Jan’s youngest brother Tim and wife Kathy will be here by lunch tomorrow and next Wednesday the Todds with sign aboard to travel up to Georgetown. Whew! Our cup does runneth over, but it is good to have company.

This morning Charlie and Anne took us down to the famous Charleston City Market where we strolled through and made a few purchases. Around lunchtime they said goodbye and we waited in front of the Confederate Museum for cousin Henry to pick us up for lunch.

He took us to Poogan’s Porch a place named for a beloved dog that lived nine years and slept on the front porch of the house where the restaurant is now located.

The food was traditional southern and excellent.

We then visited a friend of Henry’s who drives a horse drawn carriage tour. He recommended some places to eat and we headed back to the boat. We gave Henry the tour and he must have liked it because he agreed to stay and wanted to take us out to dinner. We never pass up a free meal so the deal was struck.

Boats were coming in all afternoon. This is a custom’s port so vessels coming in from foreign ports check in here. Big vessels, really big ones.

As we were leaving for dinner hordes of beautiful young women descended on the marina and saying there were hordes is no exaggeration. Each wearing a skimpier dress than the next. A conversation with one revealed that Chi Omega Sorority was having a dinner cruise from our dock. If my daughters ever dressed like that I am glad they never told me about it.

My iPad has been acting up so before dinner I needed a Best Buy store and we found one on the other side of the river. The Geek Squad guy did his magic and in five minutes it was fixed. Something about a corrupted password. He even showed me how to fix it if it ever happens again.

Dinner was supposed to be at the Fat Hen on St. Johns Island but when we got there at 2030 they said a minimum of a 45 minute wait. This would not do so we moved up the road to the Wild Olive where a delicious Italian meal was served. What a delightful day. Hope you all enjoyed it too.