Revolving door…

Charlie and Anne left around noon yesterday and within 30 minutes Cousin Henry picked us up at the curb downtown. This morning Henry left around 1030 and precisely at noon Jan’s brother Tim and wife Kathie arrived. We are getting pretty good at scheduling these shift changes. Why… we could probably live multiple lives and no-one would have to know about the existence of the other because they never really see them. Like that commercial on TV where the dad says “I have another family”. Ultimately we may decide to make a reality series out of this trip. Then I would not have to take pictures or write a blog. Just walk around running into strange situations and people. Now where did I put Sony Pictures Television’s number from when they wanted me to be another Judge Judy?

Well they arrived right on time and what a nice reunion it was. Henry had treated us to a nice dinner and champagne; now Tim and Kathie brought us six bottles of special wine from their cellar. We are ready to entertain! Perhaps we should have been soliciting more guests to help supplement this trip.

After tour of Cbay and the obligatory photo session we all headed out for lunch. Jan and I had no idea where we were going nor did we care. We were in good company and having fun. Tim had found a quaint little place called the Sunflower Cafe whose claim to fame was having Charleston’s best sandwich. Some publication¬†had rated them. All four of us ordered it and Tim said it was the best he had ever had and it was great. Of course my Bigmama still made the best. White albacore tuna fish packed in oil with heavy mayo on white bread with the crusts cut off with grape Kool-Aid to drink. Funny how that stuff keeps popping up in my life.

Tim and Kathie left mid-afternoon but not before we had caught up on family and the world in general. And then there were two. Tomorrow we start hitting the tourist items on our list. Break out the bikes.

Sorry this was not more newsy but today was devoted to family. Maybe tomorrow we will scare up a few weirdos for you.