A man’s man…Beaufort to Charleston

Thank you all for your patience during the two days of technical trouble. One of our readers actually runs Talkspotblogs.com and wrote to offer a tech guy to help us but I do not think it was a problem with the site. I think it was the Internet connection in Beaufort. At any rate I will try now to begin catching up tonight and see just how far I get.

We are presently docked at Charleston City Dock with all the megayachts. In fact the dock we are assigned to is called the Megadock. We are the runt of the dock. So let me go back to Tuesday and start with our second day in Beaufort.

This is the beautiful sign that my friend Charlie made for us. He is so artistic.

On Tuesday morning Charlie, or Charles as he goes by today, picked us up with his companion and took us on a picnic to Hunting Beach. This is a secluded place where locals go. There is a lighthouse and park. More on this later.

First Charlie had given us a Toyota Highlander and Jan and I went to the Walmart and West Marine to resupply. Then we went to pick up Charlie.

Charlie had prepared a picnic consisting of grilled chicken salads, fresh fruit, French bread and homemade cookies for dessert. The guy is a real Renaissance man.

While Jan stayed with Charlie’s companion, Charlie and I went and climbed the 167 iron steps to the top of the lighthouse. I got my cardio in for the day. The view from the top was fantastic.

On the way back to town I spotted an oddity. A MetLife blimp was parked in a farmers yard! Why or what we do not know but here is the proof.

That is old Snoopy himself.

Charlie also opened up his fantastic home to us and we were amazed at the decorating.

He even has an elevator and a fountain.

That evening we went out to dinner at a place on the water in Port Royal. It is called Dockside and people stand in line to get in, the food is that good.

Now all of you know by now that I am prone to attract weirdos and this was no exception. At the next table was a family gathering and one woman was so drunk and so obnoxious that I had to ask the waitress about her. She said that she came in the place in that condition and they would never serve anyone alcohol in that condition so she brought her own. I expected at any moment for trouble to happen but somehow it did not, though I thought about calling 911 when she was ugly to her very young daughter. I felt so sorry for that child. The picture does not do her condition justice. She was alternately laughing, yelling and crying for the whole meal. Quite entertaining and scary.

On Wednesday we were headed to the Marine Corp Museum on Parris Island.

This turned out to be a real special treat. We cleared security to get on the base and saw many exhibits that were educational and entertaining. It was a hit. We also saw new recruits going on their first march with full gear. Look closely because these are all women Marines. Here are just a few pictures.

We returned to the waterfront and had a pleasant lunch and Charlie took me to try and find a few items. Then we took a break while Jan did laundry and Charlie would go check on Zach.

I had decided to purchase a bottle tree that we had spotted across the street from the marina. We have hunted long and hard for the perfect one and here it was. Charlie has agreed to transport it for us since it will never make it on the boat.

While I was walking over to buy the tree yet another weird thing happened. I am sorry to report that I do not have a picture because I was too busy trying to save the man but I do have numerous witnesses.

An elderly heavyset man in a wheelchair was coming from a restaurant with a food container in his lap. Somehow he spun around and went backwards over the curb and spilled out into the parking lot as the wheelchair flipped. He hit his head and his back. I ran toward him and a group of elderly tourists had gathered. They looked at me and a lady said, “Oh thank goodness here is someone who will take charge and take care of everything.” Now why would she think that?

So now I am on my knees trying to assess the damage. At first I thought he was really torn up but then I saw it was because he had landed on his food container and a squashed sandwich was oozing out from under his butt. He was yelling and cussing something awful and I finally had to forcefully tell him that these ladies did not need to hear that language.

He refused to let us call 911 and said he would not go to a hospital. His main complaint was hips and back. In order to shut him up I asked three men passing by to help me sit him in his chair. He was a load for four of us and weighed at least 250 lbs. When we sat him in the chair he began screaming with pain and I thought maybe he had a broken back but then decided no-one could struggle like that with a broken back. Eventually he calmed down and I decided it was time for me to exit. The bottle tree place was closing in 15 minutes. I eased out of the crowd and headed across the street.

We got the tree and the guy was in his car when I got back. Another good example of “a hard head carries a sore tail.”

Charlie then took us on a tour of historic old homes including the home of John Verdier who it turns out is the sixth great grandfather of our friend Tommy Gray at LGYC.

Our last night was to be devoted to getting prepared to leave. We moved the boat over to the fuel dock and took on 102 gallons and pumped out waste and thoroughly rinsed the tank. A patented Kool-Aid wash was in order as the sun went down. A gentleman on another boat asked about it and Jan gave him a pack to try.

Wednesday night was rough. A cold front was moving in and while Jan slept the sleep of the just, I was up late adding dock lines and riding it out. I could have used some company.

Thursday morning we were leaving early. Charlie and Zach arrived by 0700 and we shoved off in near freezing weather.

It was a pleasant journey to Charleston with few items of interest but we had a fine time catching up on family and friends.

Now before we dock in Charleston I have a question to pose. Would everyone who is convinced that my friend Charlie was light in the loafers please raise your hand. Be honest now.

Well when we got tied up and rinsed off the salt Charlie’s lovely wife of 40 years Anne had arrived to meet us. They were college sweethearts, have two children and two grandchildren so far. She had been tied up with work until today and we were sorry she had missed the ride but they will stay aboard tonight after we go out to dinner in this wonderful city. I wonder how many of you were wondering about my friend and his constant companion Zach the schnauzer. Gotcha!

We had hors d’oeurves and drinks aboard Cbay and then walked to dinner at Hominy Grits where we had a great time and fabulous meal.