A Blustery Day in the Great Marina

The wind blew and the rain poured all night but we awoke to a clear day except the wind remained a bit blustery like in Winnie the Pooh.

Jan wanted to do a bit of laundry because the facilities are so nice and so close and I had several projects that needed attention.

Since the dinghy motor was supposed to be back in working order, a test was in order. No sense waiting until we really need to use it only to find out it will not start. And while I was testing it why not take the opportunity to flush it out with freshwater. The boat was docked in a side tie right next to the faucet so all I had to do was take a five gallon plastic bucket, sit it under the engine on the swim platform and run a hose over to the bucket. Crank the engine and let it run for 10 minutes and the job is done. All went well but if you had seen what was growing inside that engine you would know why I have decided to flush it after every saltwater use in the future. Probably should have been doing it before but we have hardly used the dinghy thus far.

Next I installed an extension hose on the AC Condensator under the main stateroom bed. It was a bear to remove and clean before. I practically had to stand on my head and was always getting bruised so I moved it to an easily accessible spot where I can remove it in 5 minutes. I know this is a little thing to my readers but it is a major improvement to my life.

After cleaning up we went to a local art show but did not find anything that we had to have. Then off to lunch at JT’s Seafood Shack on A1A for the best fried shrimp you ever tasted at very reasonable prices. And while on the subject of food I forgot to give the name of the fabulous Italian restaurant we dined at on our first night. It was La Piazza in the European Village.

And another Publix run was needed and a trip to the local US Post Office and Massage Parlor. Why I did not take a picture of that I will never know. Truly they have a real Post Office with the official government logo on the wall and a big sign above it that says massages. We drove by twice and had to ask directions at the fire department because I just saw the massage sign. Probably some pilot program in the Obama administration.

We saw a great deal of the area while we were out, from the AMVETS Hall to the luxurious hotel in this complex. This place just keeps getting more spectacular. We visited the big pool complex and walked through the hotel. They have a Putt-Putt that is a 7 hole miniature golf course complete with little sand traps. Who pays for all this stuff? The place is practically abandoned yet fully staffed and maintained.

We even managed to fit in a short walk on the beach but the wind was blowing fairly strong so after a few pictures we gave up.

Checked all fluids and cleaned the strainers in preparation for tomorrow’s journey to America’s oldest city.