Everything is Humming along…

As you can see we are the proud possessors of a fine set of wheels. Yes it is an H3 Hummer and we look like hot stuff riding in it courtesy of Frank and Fay.

First thing this morning we went to a little marina near here which is an authorized Mercury dealer though with a very limited inventory. All they had left was one shear pin for the outboard but one was all we needed. A problem solved and the dinghy will run again.

Next we turned south on Hwy A1A toward Daytona. Drove through Flagler Beach, Ormandy Beach and finally Daytona. They have just completed Speed Week and the Daytona 500 and now they are setting up for Bike Week and many participants are already here. We mixed and mingled with an odd assortment today.

A side trip to Walmart netted a truckload of groceries and other supplies.

Before heading back we pulled in at a Verizon store for Jan to see why she was having trouble sending a video to the grandkids. Turns out she was not having trouble and had sent the same video several times because we were not familiar with the workings of the iPhone. We have a book called iPhone for Dummies but I guess we have not yet worked up to that level.

While we were there a super salesman named Thomas Underwood 407-212-6405 somehow talked me into upgrading my phone. Nothing fancy, just an upgrade. Thomas made me an offer I could not refuse. Don’t you think he looks like a very famous Oscar winning actor whose initials are FW?

I kept looking at him thinking maybe we were on some sort of reality TV show.

Here are a few shots of the facility where we are docked. This is real luxury. Security guards everywhere and everyone here just wants you to enjoy yourself. Three fine restaurants on site, an award winning Tom Watson golf course and tennis center. Too bad we do not need half the stuff that is available. But we will use as much as possible.

Frank and Fay, how can we ever thank you for all this?