The color for today is key lime green

It has been a slow but somewhat productive day. The Admiral is apparently fully recovered and issuing instructions again. This included a trip to the laundromat. There is something about a laundromat that evokes memories of days gone by when most homes did not have washers and certainly not dryers. One either did the laundry by hand or on a primitive manual machine. I remember at our house there was an alcove in the kitchen for a washing machine but no-one had ever heard of a dryer, so laundry was always hung on a line to dry in the sun. And if it started to rain you had to hurry outside and help gather in the wash before it got soaked again. When dryers eventually became popular we had no place in the house for one and had to put it in a shop in the back yard.

The laundromat we used today is about a half mile away and in a primarily Latino neighborhood. Everyone was very courteous but certainly we garnered our share of stares when we pulled up on folding red bikes and unloaded our bags of clothes. Everything went smoothly and within 90 minutes we were back aboard Cbay.

Meanwhile our diver Scott Cummings had called to say he thought he could get the prop this afternoon and put it on tomorrow. I suggested that if I could get it ready sooner maybe we could put it on today and we could leave as planned tomorrow. And that is exactly what happened. My amateur examination of the prop had proven correct and only one blade was out causing our slight vibration. Cost $360 which included an MRI report that may be helpful down the road.

Scott was very efficient in getting the prop back on and only time will tell if the problem is truly fixed. I see no reason it should not be. Unfortunately we are in a section of the ICW where you cannot or should not get up any speed in a big boat so it will likely be up around Jacksonville before we can run on plane. Maybe we can get a short run on Lake Worth just north of here to be sure of ourselves. I will keep my readers posted. Overall we got out cheaper than I had expected on this one but that is because it was only one prop.


Our last night in Lantana required that we return to the Old Key Lime House to try again and eat a meal. You may remember that we could not get served the first night we were here due to the crowd. So tonight we got there a bit sooner and it was Tuesday instead of Friday. Had a basket of shrimp and fish dip. Mighty good.

Now we are loaded up and ready to leave first thing in the morning. As we got to the dock we saw this little dog. She reminded me of our Daisy. Her owner had died and she was homeless so a couple adopted her and now she is learning about boats. If they had not taken her we might have.