Rich man, poor man

First I wish to apologize for yesterday’s entry. There just was not much substance to it because the day was not very exciting. But today we will erase that memory with a day packed with fun and new sights. So let’s shove off from the dock and travel up to Stuart.

We left Lantana in calm water and on a high slack tide making what could have been a tight exit into one that was a piece of cake.

Before lunch we had passed by the homes of our friends Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh. Both Donald and Rush insisted that we stop for luncheon but we had a schedule to keep and a long day so we begged off and continued our journey.

This was surely rich man’s country as everywhere we looked were bigger and more majestic homes and the yachts to go with them. We also passed through a large port near Worth Inlet where repair yards abound. All this area is primarily no wake zone due to the marinas, manatees and bridges. You will see a multi million dollar home and across from it a poor man’s house that has been there long before the wealthy moved in, yet they all seem to get along well. Too bad the whole country cannot be like it is here on the water. In boats all are equal. A giant yacht will wave to a small fishing boat and vice versa. People sitting on the patios of mansions will chat with you as you go by.

I took dozens and dozens of pictures and just have to show you only a few of the rich and famous. Now here are some from the poorer man’s side.

We went through Palm Beach, where Rush and Donald maintain homes, Jupiter where the pass to the ocean can be treacherous due to vicious currents, and up the St. Lucie River to Stuart where the Okechobee Canal begins on the east coast.

Stuart is a neat town that was once know as the Chrysanthamum Capital of the World but now claims to be the Sailfish Capital of the World. Whatever brings in the most money I guess. The downtown is neat and we will see it and share with you tomorrow. 

We met this Australian sheepdog in the marina. He had one blue and one brown eye.

We rode the short distance to town and had dinner at Jerry’s La Familia where the food was absolutely fantastic. There we met Georgio and his fraternal twins Piero (front) and Giani (rear). They are two bright young men from Manhattan. We discussed the trip and hopefully they are reading our blog now.

Following dinner we stopped at Kilwin’s for dessert. They make candy and delicious fudge. We had ice cream and bought fudge to take to the boat. Outside we met little ladies Brianna and Aliah. Aliah has started pre-school already. Both were very talkative and entertaining. 

Getting late, will give you more tomorrow as we have a layover day.