Chilling in Lantana

Chilling in Lantana

There is not much new to report as we are waiting for our propeller to return to it’s normal position under the boat.

Wayne and Francine with Skipper, the Portuguese Waterdog, aboard “My Way” departed for the Bahamas. We wish them a safe journey and hope we run into them again before this voyage is over. Wayne has a tremendous store of knowledge about the Loop and I will surely have to call him when we hit Canada.

 Their dog Skipper was just a tiny puppy when they purchased him in Michigan at the beginning of their trip. By the time we first saw him at Joe Wheeler in Alabama he was growing a bit. Them we saw him in Fairhope and thought maybe he was grown. But now he really has had a growth spurt and is a big dog but still very puppy like in his actions. By the time this is over he will be a fairly well traveled dog.

Jan has had a bit of food poisoning she thinks, though I ate the same fare and more of it. She bounced back within 12 hours and we are taking it easy for the rest of the day. Maybe by dinner she will feel like venturing out to eat again.

I have done a little exploratory surgery up on the radar array to see how difficult it might be to remove the unit if we need additional clearance when we get to Canada. By then we will be mostly out of open water and have little use for it so I can wrap it in a blanket and store it. That will lower our height by 17 inches but really we will realize only a net gain of 10 inches since there are two anchor lights and a GLOMEX TV antenna up there too. I could pull it all down in a couple of hours but do not believe all that will be necessary. We will wait until we get to that bridge to pass under it.

We did finally venture out to a little Cuban restaurant. Jan would only eat buttered rice but it did not slow me down. Returned to our marina and locked up the old bikes. We always pass this Lobster boat as we go on and off the dock. Whenever they catch a load of Florida lobsters they put out a sign on the road and people come rolling in to buy them. Tomorrow we hope to hear that the prop is ready to go back on but somehow I am not optimistic.