Bon Voyage again…

Today after classes our dear friends Ken and Darcy Searl, who completed their Loop in 2007, drove all the way from Lake Lanier in Georgia to throw us yet another Bon Voyage party. This was the fanciest one you ever saw. They set up where the wedding was held over the weekend and had beautifully decorated tables with a dessert buffet consisting primarily of baked delights Darcy had made herself. There was champagne punch, wine, beer and assorted goodies. All our friends who are attending the Rendezvous came by and signed a fantastic banner that I cannot wait to post when I get a better WIFI. It is in full color with the Cbay logo. The banner was a joint effort of the Searls and my in-laws Jim and Beth Dulson. Jim created the name on the boat and duplicated it on the banner. After the party we hung it on the back of the boat and will try to travel with it. The banner says “Jan and Rusty are Going Loop-y Oct. 2011-?. We will see what that “?” turns out to be.

We are worn out and after a trip to the local Mexican restaurant with Ken, Darcy, Paul and Stacy we hit the hay at 8:30!

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