Man overboard!

This morning as we stood on the dock chatting with fellow loopers I was looking across the harbor at another dock and saw a man trying to carry a rather large and cumbersome duffle bag on his shoulder. Suddenly he and the bag went sailing off the dock and into the water behind a boat. I said that I just saw a man go in the water and everyone thought I was making it up as a joke. That is what happened to the little boy who cried wolf; when there was a genuine emergency no-one believed him. So I started running that way shouting and finally two men who were closer saw him and ran to pull him out. The water was pretty cold and he was shivering something fierce. The duffle bag held a Zodiac inflatable dinghy that weighs about 80 lbs. So that is why he was top-heavy. I fished out his cap with a boat pole and we had to get a dinghy to retrieve his floating sandals. I’ll bet folks will believe me in the future when I say “man overboard”.

Last night a 23 foot boat came in next to us after dark. I heard something and went into the galley and looked out to see two men in a dinghy climb onto this boat with flashlights and begin to rummage through everything on the boat. I grabbed a pistol and continued to watch figuring if they were thieves I could wait until they started to leave and shoot a hole in the rubber dinghy and holler for help to fish them out. Turned out they owned the boat and were looking for an extension cord to charge the battery. Their names were Eddie and Sid and both were airline pilots. Before it was over I lent then an extension cord, two fenders and charged their iPhone. We run a full service organization aboard Cbay.

At the welcoming banquet tonight I won a door prize which was a Florida and Bahamas Guide. So you cast your bread upon the waters as they say. Classes begin in the morning.