The Fleet Shoves Off

Today the Rendezvous ended and the fleet of 57 boats shoved off. Some went north toward Chattanooga and the rest headed downriver on the Loop. We were part of a group of nearly 20 boats of varying sizes that entered Joe Wheeler Lock. There was a tow inside named Sideview that was headed for winter layup. It was a short run down to Wilson Lock and into Florence Harbour Marina where we will spend two days looking at the sights.

Wilson Lock is the tallest on the Tennessee and maybe in the world. It is 110 feet deep and we rode from top to bottom. Talk about falling in a well. 

While in Florence we will visit Helen Keller’s home, the W.C. Handy Museum and a Frank Llyod Wright designed house. We took the marina courtesy van to Walmart and had dinner at the marina restaurant with Ken and Pat on $20 Bucks. They are pictured above in the lock. Their boat is named for the price of two boat show tickets. They went to see the show and walked out with a boat. It is a Cuisers Inc. Express Bridge and a sweet boat. They have come all the way from Red Wing, MN where the shoes are made. We originally met them at Goose Pond Marina in September while having some repairs made. It is like that on the Loop.