Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get married

Still no ability to upload pictures though I will fill them in later. The marina at Joe Wheeler is full and we are sitting right behind the pool in slip #2. Great view of all the activity including a wedding. At 5 pm a wedding was held directly behind our boat less than 50 feet away. We sat on the flybridge and watched it all and when the minister pronounced them husband and wife all of the boats in the harbor sat down on their horns. I have some pictures to post soon.

This morning I had to remove the Xantrex battery charger and package it and send it FedEx to West Marine. I wish they would disassemble it and tell me what went wrong. The rest of the day was spent assisting boats to dock as they trickled in all day. Some folks were very proficient and others, bless them, should turn back while they still can. But you have to admire everyone’s tenacity for even attempting this thing. There is not a day that I do not question my sanity.

Tomorrow the Rendezvous begins in earnest with registration and reception followed by dinner.

I have set a goal to perform one wedding, one funeral and deliver one baby while on the loop. I was ready to step in and take over today but it was not necessary. We will see whether I reach my goal in the next 7000 miles or so. Now how can we get a late term pregnant woman to ride with us?