Easy Rider…

We awoke on the wall at Hastings and I walked to the bakery for some fresh baked goods. A blueberry muffin for breakfast, some spice cake for tonight’s dessert and some butter tarts( a Canadian thing) for tasting another day.

After breakfast we walked to the grocery to purchase some canned diet ice tea called President’s Choice. We had discovered it yesterday and wanted to stock up because they were having a sale, $2.78 a twelve pack! They were sold out.

So we cast off with Seabatical and headed toward Peterborough. It was an easy relaxing day with only one lock for a change.

There were a few interesting sights along the way and plenty of leisure time to look at them. Have you ever seen a wolf fighting a badger? Well you have now though I wish I had a better camera and lens for this one. I can tell you the badger won. They are pound for pound one of the most ferocious animals alive. I believe only a wolverine is more aggressive.

Looks like I have assumed Alex’s position on the flybridge. I see why he like it so much.

We do not have an exclusive on redneck in the USA. Both boats stopped for a pump out and to fill up with water before joining 20BUCK$ and Jackets II on the wall outside Lock #20.

We took bikes into downtown Peterborough, a medium sized metropolitan area, and visited a boat store. On the way back we stopped at a grocery associated with the one in Hastings and got 3 twelve packs of that tea we wanted. I carried one in my backpack and one on the rack and Jan took one on the rack. As we made our way toward the marina an old derelict told us about a short cut across a RR tressel. He said if we got caught they would just give us a warning, so like in the movie “Stand By Me”, we set out to cross hoping no train would come and no police would see us. Yes we made it, but truthfully it was a difficult walk across those ties over a river pushing bicycles with all those canned drinks. Next time we would take the long way around.

In the evening we celebrated our 14th anniversary with the crews of Seabatical, 20BUCK$ and Jackets II. We had hor d’ouerves and champagne in the park before going to dinner at Riley’s Pub. It was wing night and everyone had some. Not the best but okay. As we rode back we took a detour through a beautiful park along the river and ran across the fellow I had photographed earlier in the day swinging the balls. He was in a field with many other performers doing various disciplines. A chat revealed this was called Circus Art and they perform at festivals and fairs to earn a meager living but they love what they do. I believe in doing what you love but it also has to pay a living wage or it is just a hobby. You can still do it but need to find a day job I think. I will comment here that Canada so far seems to have it’s share of interesting characters and no shortage of blog material.

Tomorrow is a layover day and there is a concert tomorrow night.