Trent-Severn beautiful…

On Monday morning we prepared to leave at a leisurely pace as we filled water tanks and chatted between boats. We needed some fuel, having last filled up at Ess Kay Marina in Brewerton, NY. We had traveled to Oswego, across Lake Ontario to Trenton and to Campbellford. So we pulled over to a filling station. A genuine gas station that backs up to the canal. Cars drive in the front and boats in the back. Cheapest diesel on the Trent because this is street priced. First time I ever put clear diesel in a boat without the pink tint we get in the states. We took 263.2 in a boat that only holds 298! I do not think we ever burned that much between fillups before. Well thatnis because here they sell liters of fuel not gallons. There are 3.8 liters per gallon so you figure it out. Actually we got great fuel economy. It was $1.19.9 per liter which was reasonable up here plus a $36.24 tax on the whole thing. So altogether not too bad and I may make it back to the USA without another fillip. Time will tell.

When is the last time you saw a filling station owner pumping up bike tires for kids?

We would only cover a little over 20 miles today but there were six locks and some clearly gorgeous scenery to take in. We stopped at Hastings and tied up on the lock wall. An entire flotilla of Loopers. The town loves the cash infusion and everyone is so nice. We found out the price of mailing a postcard is outrageous but the grandkids like them and so we bought enough stamps to get us through the trip.

Did you notice the Canada geese that actually knew the way back to Canada, the Subway like none I have ever seen and the black pansies?

We were packed so close Tara pretended to hit her head on our bow to drum up a lawsuit.

Tomorrow we travel to Peterborough where a very special adventure that few boaters ever experience awaits us. Come aboard and see if you can handle it.