Happy Independence Day to our readers…

Well friends, we have covered some ground yesterday and due to an early Fourth of July Party and fireworks display there was no time to blog. So now I will try to catch you up.

We left Herkimer at 0715 and had a near perfect day. We ended up after four locks and a ride across Oneida Lake at Ess Kay Marina in Brewerton. We had been here in 2007 and left our friends Ken and Darcy as we headed home after traveling with them on the Erie Canal. In 2007 the journey we just made took seven days. This time we did it in three because we have seen and toured many of the stops other boaters make and we are trying to catch up to other Loopers so we will have more time in Canada. Here is a look at the day.

That last picture was a bicycle tourer taking a picture of me taking a picture of her as we went under.

Never being one to waste time, Jan decides to clean windows while we drive along. I have her come in once a week to do this.

A teeny tiny NY State Canal System boat.

A beautiful home near Sylvan Beach.

Sylvan Beach was already getting crowded in preparation for the 4th but Oneida Lake was smooth as glass so we kept going to put it behind us.

We passed Sylvan Light as we moved out to cross the 29 mile long lake.

We arrive at Brewerton. The harbor was hopping with activity.

We pulled into Ess Kay Marina and fueled up. There we found Pam and Bill Maley from Seabiscuit!

The marina was having a 4th of July picnic and fireworks. You see Brewerton celebrates on the 3rd so that Sylvan Beach can use the same firworks barge on the 4th. Cooperation. Unfortunately the rain came and ruined the fireworks.

The crowd was not to be discouraged. Look close and see who is SEATED second from the right.

We would stay over on the 4th and will leave on the 5th for Oswego. There was an absolute disaster on the 4th when I set out to…well that story will just have to wait as I am tired and we have an early departure. Oh, happy 4th of July to all of you.