Fleeing DC

Cbay spent the day alternately cruising and racing down the Potomac and ended up with a few miles of the Chesapeake at Dennis Point Marina. Took on fuel, Kool-aid washed the boat and went to dinner at Waterside. Between paying Gangplank for 15 days and buying 175 gallons of fuel I am about done in so give me a pass tonight. Tomorrow we visit historic St. Mary’s where our friend Frank Baker went to school and we see a historic schooner before we head on to Solomons Island. Everybody else is asleep on this boat and I am going too.

1 thought on “Fleeing DC”

  1. Oh Captain, My Captain

    Wow…Enjoy your trip back to the early 1600’s at St. Mary’s City!!!! Tell Alex to watch out for the ghost of Margaret Brent!!!! If you take in the Old State House, you just might feel her presence…I always did. If you run into old Professor Hirshfield at the College, you may feel that you have already met. We always believed that the character of Professor Kingsfield in the movie “The Paper Chase”, was modelled after him. He was the toughest
    professor in the honor’s program at the college. Frank’s advise of the day…If you get in the St. Mary’s River, Always wear water shoes or sandals….the oyster shells will cut your feet!!!!!

    Have fun on your run to Solomons….Take in the lighthouse at Point Lookout and give a wide berth as you approach Pax River NAS. Alex will enjoy the Navy Boys and their planes!!!

    Call me if the “blues are runnin” …i will be headed that way with my surf casting rig.

    Always Keep the Faith Amigo,


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