President Briston Alexander Covington

Yes friends ALex has finally ascended to high office when he sneaked into the White House and took over the reins of power in the Oval Office and here is the proof and I will not say more.

This was indeed a busy day to make up for the rain out and tummy out yesterday. I hit the deck at 0700 and threw on some clothes and rode straight to the Department of Engraving and Printing to stand in line for tickets. I was near the front of the line and when they opened at 0800. I got tickets for 1300 and headed to the Holocaust Museum next door to stand in another line. They did not hand out tickets until 1000 so it would be wasted time. I struck up a conversation with a nice lady named Kim who was near the front of the line waiting to get tickets for 17 students. She agreed to hold my place and get three tickets for me if I did not make it back in time. I gave her a boat card and headed back to shave, shower and collect the crew for the walk back. Believe it or not the first people in line had been there since 0700. Now that is dedication.

We all made it back clean but sweaty by 0930 and were able to get immediate tickets to enter at 1015. It was a moving experience for all and I think added much to Alex’s education as we explained many things in the exhibits. NO photography is allowed inside so only a picture of Alex holding up the building.

Right out the door of the Holocaust Museum and right into the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where we watched the newly designed $100 bills being printed. They are not in circulation yet and will be colorful with a red, white and blue motif. I hope to collect many of them. Alex got a bag of money but unfortunately it had been shredded. Now a tube of glue and some patience are required.

Next stop was lunch at the Corner Bakery and then on to the White House. I had to caution Alex to be careful what he said about the President as we got closer.

Directly across for the White House was some crazy old protestor who has been camped there for years. I believe in free speech but not in allowing mentally defective people to make a mockery of it. She is an anti-Semite who thinks the Holocaust is a Zionist plot. I told Alex we need to haul her over to the Museum for a tour. And I will bet you dollars to donuts that she has received a government disability check for every month that she has been there protesting. Your tax dollars at work.

Alex said he had never ridden or even petted a horse. We checked off one today and may yet do the other.

Across the street in Jackson Square a group was engaged in some weird team building exercise. This is why we cannot get business moving today.

We gave Alex a choice about finishing up at Ford’s Theater where Lincoln was shot but he declined and and chose to return to Cbay, so we are done with touring DC. I do not think anyone could have done more in three days than we did and we hope his memories will last a lifetime. Sometimes little boys just need to put their head in Mimi’s lap and rest.

Dinner with the Brookbanks tonight and we shove off at first light.