Brian’s Song…

We are home and this is not about boating, so if you need a rest then skip this one and tune back in around 6/11/12 when we hope to be in full swing in DC again.

Meanwhile we are trying to see family, do some yardwork, prepare for the bike trip and get ready for Alex. Jan had to go to Dawsonville to see Karen and get a haircut. I have decided to heck with it and grow a ponytail to match the facial hair! So we were separated for the day on Friday and I had made arrangements to gather my brood together for dinner. Casey set it all up and we were to meet at Chili’s, a perennial favorite.

There is Margaret, the Rightful Queen, who has taken up pole dancing much to the chagrin of her father.

My daughter Kelly who brought along new beau Brian. She says she likes them tall. Kelly is as tall as me so you know he is a tall one. Nice young man with a bright future as a financial analyst with a growing company in the health care sector. They were featured on the Today Show recently.

Daughter Casey with husband John and Maggie. I affectionately refer to him as John-Boy. Another tall one. I am dwarfed by these guys as you will see in a moment.

Casey had made the mistake of buying Maggie some outlaw candy before dinner. They are called War Heads and are the world’s sourest candy. She delighted in making everyone taste one at the table. Here is Kelly’s reaction. And that was just a lick. You should have seen the faces of those who put the whole thing in their mouth.

Old Dad and all his girls. This is the first picture that has ever been taken of all of us together. I will treasure it and this fun evening for a long time.

Now I head off to Nashville on Sunday and will take a blog rest and you will too. When we return to the boat I will have some pictures of Alex and Dr. Bell and the Colonel and a host of other new faces you have never met as we traverse the Natchez Trace. Until then…