Martha, is that the Washington Monument I see?

Yes dear readers we have made it to Washington, DC with five year old twins Will and Roy fast asleep on the flybridge. We are docked here at Gangplank Marina right behind the Capitol. Tonight finds us at a Holiday Inn Express in Durham, NC headed for home. So tomorrow I should be able to give learned opinions on a variety of subjects and say, “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” Jan says I never needed to stay there before in order to give an opinion on everything!

All the boys got a chance to drive the boat. I even took each one out to the bow for a Titanic ride. Now if you don’t think it was fun taking five year olds by the arm and holding an overhead rail with the other hand and traversing that narrow side on a boat moving upriver, well you should have been there. They were fearless. Their mother did not know I was doing it and looked up to see us on the bow. Stroke time!

Fun and games aboard Cbay.

The Commander, Maureen and the boys.

We lowered the flag and gave full honors as we passed Mt. Vernon and Washington’s tomb. Naval Reg. 1281.

That tall spire is the Washington Masonic Temple in Alexandria.

Jones Point Light marking the tip of the District of Columbia.

Waiting at the curb for our Yellow Cab.

Copi our Nigerian cab driver. A most interesting fellow.

A fitting end to our day’s travel.