No blog…it must be something I ate

Sorry but today I was under the weather as we remained in Yorktown another day. I think it was general malaise and no it was not something I ate. And so it goes.

Anyway I was in bed for most of the day and when I got up I had a phone call from my bicycle team that is in training for our scheduled ride from Nashville to Natchez in June. They were in Piedmont, AL having ridden 25 miles from Cedartown, GA. They will be in super shape while I get soft on a boat. So I pulled out the bike and rode 6 miles to the Walgreen’s to purchase some Sudafed. It’s not a 50 mile day like they had but for someone who was ill, 12 miles is nothing to sneeze at on a bike with 20 inch wheels.

So you can see that little happened today and you did not miss much. We should be moving by 0900 in the morning to Deltaville. This has been an excellent stop and more Loopers should take the time to pull in here. Mike, one of the Dockmasters, has been a big help and goes the extra mile to take care of his customers even after hours. The weather seems to be cooperating for tomorrow.