Thunder over Cbay

We awoke to storm warnings but work cannot wait as we wish to be off tomorrow.

I jumped on the bike and ran to the cleaners to pick up the pants I left two weeks ago when we were here. Then back to Cbay where Jan is beginning to prep a pork roast for the crock pot. She needed some dried basil so I tried to beat the storm to the Publix and back. It was close but I barely got sprinkled before I was back aboard. Then there was nothing to do but ride out the thunderstorms until after lunch.

Once things cleared we tackled a project that had been put off long enough. The dinghy needed to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned with Clorox Cleaner to deal with the algae that was growing in there. It means taking off the motor, pulling the dinghy up on the dock and pulling out the wood floor. Then everything has to be washed with Clorox solution and reassembled. This is at least a two to three hour job if done right. The extra hour is for interruptions when people walking down the dock want to ask what we are doing and where we are going. Today was no exception. Three hours and we are done. Cold beer all around and hot showers for all. Tonight we eat aboard and rest.

Sunday was another work day. Bet you all thought this was a vacation. The Admiral says the boat must be washed and I agree. No Kool-Aid required as we are not back to saltwater just yet.

A Publix run was made to stock up on soft drinks and odds and ends. Back to the boat for lunch and a pump out of the waste tank. We made it last for two weeks exactly by saving a flush whenever possible. How, you ask, does one save a flush? Well you use the shore facilities whenever possible and most marinas have restrooms though not all are as convenient as we would prefer.

Tonight we plan to ride back to eat at Mojo’s one last time. We were there on St. Patrick’s Day when the fight broke out. Hope we will be as lucky tonight and I will have the camera out.

Well, we have no pictures but I am sure the police took enough to share. No fight broke out but as we were waiting for our meal in a side booth I noticed a guy dressed all in black and looking totally out of place in this weather. He came in and went straight to the cashier. I noticed a small pistol beside his leg in his right hand. He slowly raised it and no-one could really see it. The place was very noisy so I figured if he did not look around he might not see me. One step and I grabbed one of the heavy wooden chairs at a nearby table and two more steps and I crashed it down on the back of his head. He went down like a sack of potatoes and did not move. The place went crazy with people screaming. I moved the gun with my foot and asked the cashier to dial 911. Suffice to say we never got our meal. The police and ambulance arrived and we spent two hours giving statements. The guy has a fractured skull and is in a coma. I am not sure if we are going to be able to leave tomorrow as the incident in Sanford has the PD jumpy. Luckily the guy was white. Just be sure you all mark your calendar on this date to remember the most exciting night on the Loop.