Back in JAX

Yes, we are back at our base of operations in Jacksonville. Ortega Landing Marina with all its amenities is a great place to clean, repair and resupply for our next segment of the Loop. With nearby stores of all types it is so convenient for two people with bikes.

We left Palatka on Thursday and ran what had been a two day trip upstream in one day. We even got our same slip back.

In Palatka we discovered a memorial to submariners. Somehow this community was very connected to the Submarine Service. A number of its sons lost their lives in WWII in the Silent Service. This memorial lists their names. I was surprised at how large these torpedoes were. I cannot see how an older submarine could carry very many.

We stayed at the Boathouse Marina in Palatka. Dinner at Beef O’Brady’s and a relaxing evening. 

The trip back to JAX was uneventful. We had wide and deep water most of the way and let Cbay run a little. Here are a couple of shots out the rear of the flybridge showing the rooster tail we kick up at speed.

As we turned into the Ortega River to return to Ortega Landing there is bridge being repaired. When we left 10 days ago the entire bridge was open but a repair barge was blocking a portion of the opening. This time there was no barge, but worse, only half the bridge was open and it was being held up by a crane. We are 14 feet wide and the bridgemaster answered my inquiry saying there was almost 25 feet of opening. Sounds OK until you factor in wind and current. This is where the Ortega River dumps out into the St. John’s and there are conflicting currents. Here is a series of shots going through. You will see how close the workers were as we passed. It was a bit disconcerting.

A miss is as good as a mile. I was driving and could not look to the side to see the guys but Jan said they were smiling.

Friday morning we began a little cleanup. Jan took the inside and I took the outside. Oh, did I mention the AC unit under the bed was backing up condensation again and had to be cleaned out. I think this is a curs,e but I have it down to around 20 minutes now and hope to break 15 one day soon. 

I needed a replacement electrical receptacle and asked a marina worker how far to the nearest Home Depot. He said a mile or mile and a half and gave good directions. I took off on the bike telling Jan I would return in a bit. Unfortunately this marina guy must believe it is only 10 miles from here to Savannah. It turned out that Home Depot was at least 6 miles away through a pretty rough section of Jacksonville. In fact, I passed the very spot where there had been a fatal car to car gun battle when we were here the last time. But I am persistent and needed the exercise so I got there and called Jan to tell here dinner would be delayed. I arrived back at around 1830. 

After a quick shower I was back on the bike with Jan and off to Longhorn’s for a delicious steak dinner. We dropped by the Publix for another load. Tomorrow we will diassemble the dinghy and clorox the inside. Otherwise things tend to grow under the wood flooring. We will take some photos. See what you have to look forward to?