Last bus to Marathon

We awoke at 5am today to prepare for our trip to the Dry Tortugas. I was ready to tell you all about the beautiful fish and coral that we would see while snorkeling but alas it was not to be. Oh we got up on time, we dressed and packed our backpacks and rode to the bus stop in the dark. There we folded our bikes and stood dutifully at the curb. Then Jan felt queasy from something she ate last night. Whether it was the bowl of conch chowder or the half pound of peel and eat shrimp is irrelevant because we had to immediately return to the boat. This was going to be close at best and we had no room for error as the boat left for the Dry Tortugas promply at 8. 

So we got 3 more hours sleep and I saved at least $300. There is a silver lining to every cloud and by mid morning Jan was feeling much better and wanted to go to Key West and spend the day. So back to the bus stop and fold the bikes again and off we went.

The trip down was uneventful until we reached the mid point and the driver pulled over, stopped, got up and said, “Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt!” It sounded like a holdup until he told us this was a rest stop and he would be back in 3 minutes. Good to his word we were soon going again. 

When we arrived in Key West the bus put us out right in front of the Post Office and there were roosters everywhere. Key West is full of chickens and cats and they run wild even in front of the US Post Office.

Jan need to mail a small package to a certain young man in Kentucky so I waited outside with the chickens.

As soon as we left the Post Office it was time for lunch and we dropped in at the Two Friends Patio Grill for a quick lunch. Then off to have our picture taken at the Southernmost Point in the US with Cuba only 90 miles away.

It is midnight and we head north tomorrow. To be continued… 

We met John the Hat Man weaving hats and bowls on the street. He did not mind having his picture taken so we purchased a bowl. I know the kids will be fighting over it when we are gone so I am marking it for Todd since he would love this place and all the weirdos. Jan calls it a “human game preserve.” 

We saw a giant couple dancing, a pirate lady and an orchid tree. I wanted Jan to pose with the Pirate lady but she refused. 

Once again I must interrupt as we are ready to shove off now that the laundry is done. You will just have to wait to hear about all the characters on the Last Bus to Marathon. But least you think I am kidding here is a preview to keep you hanging on…