Bonus entry on new places and friends…

We were up at the usual time and after breakfast onboard we took out the bikes and went exploring. There seems to be pockets of poverty down here where people, possibly illegals, live in squalid trailers. Apparently the economy depends on having seasonal workers and it is hard to get people on the mainland to travel so far to work so they just pay the illegals in cash and avoid all the government regulations. There is a big presence of Border Patrol here. Between the Cubans, Dominicans, Haitians and Jamaicans they are kept fairly busy. 

We rode down to Seven Mile Bridge and saw the Hat Man weaving hats and bowls. I got a shot of his wares but he did not want his picture taken. As you read further you will see this is not uncommon here. Makes you wonder if their picture is already down at the Post Office.

Then we were off to the Sunset Grill at the base of the bridge for lunch. Our server was Ray and he was delightful. Great sense of humor, attentive and a million dollar smaile. If you ever stop in there and it is a must visit pace ask for Ray.

After a delicious lunch we headed north to see what was around us. We bought tomatoes at a stand and stopped in the IGA store for groceries. We then headed back to the marina and on the way in I stopped to speak to an unusual looking streetcorner group. Meet our new friends.

That is Mr. Pete with his hand up and Boston Billy in the chair. Miss Ursula was with them but she ran from the camera. Maybe she thought her probation officer would see it. I wanted to return later and take them a six pack but a city worker told me that was not advisable. I will miss our friends. They seemed nice but Miss Ursula may have had bugs.

Back at the marina there was a surprise on the dock.

These creatures come out of the mangroves on surrounding islands and swim over to eat flower blooms and small children! If one came on our boat I would be the one swimming. Alex and Lucas, if you were here I would let you try to catch one. They spit at you if you move too close. This one was bold and maybe 30 inches long.

Dinner tonight at a Marathon landmark. All the local fishermen gather at the bar after work and the Snapper Mazatlan is an award winner.

Oh I almost forgot. We saw some nice homes and one had a new breed of watchdog.

Torrow is an early day. We are going by boat 70 miles southwest of Key West to the Dry Tortugas to see historic Fort Jefferson and do some snorkling. No, not in Cbay but in a boat called Yankee Freedom. If you are back here tomorrow I will probably tell you all about it.