A Rose by any other name…

We are spending our second night at Rose Marina on Marco Island. It has been most productive and a lot of fun. 

Today we decided to wash the boat with a Kool-Aid bath even though we will be back out in the Gulf tomorrow. It pays to stay ahead of the salt because it is working while we sleep. 

After work we went to play. Rode bikes to Snook Inn where we had an excellent lunch experience. It is located right on the harbor entrance and is a jumping place even at lunch. Met two couples who admired our folding bikes and gave them boat cards.

After lunch we had to burn up some calories. I rode to the Post Office to mail some postcards and buy some stamps. Seems while we have been gone the price of a postcard has gone from 29 to 32 cents so we needed some 3 cent stamps to add. Then I discovered that if the postcard was larger than 4×6 inches it requires a 45 cent stamp just like a letter and we had just bought some bigger postcards. I suppose the postcard will become extinct before long. When I was a child you could buy a postcard for a penny and mail it for 3 cents. My oh, my we are getting older but not better.

I met a nice couple at the Post Office who saw the bike and my Cbay shirt so they wanted to know our story. By the time we finished talking they wanted to see the boat. I told them to head to Rose Marina but I still had to stop and pick up Jan who was shopping for a bathing suit. She did not pack one and in two days we should be in the Keys and in the water.

We had a really good time showing off Cbay and making new friends Bruce and Jan and their toy poodle. Her name was Zoey and she was a pistol. 

Had to dispose of 32 quarts of dirty oil that we have hauled from Cabbage Key. It weighs 64 lbs but it is gone now. 

Jan was thinking today that maybe we needed a larger boat but I think she has got to be more realistic than this.

Above is a flock of Ibises. Not sure what they are eating with those long curved beaks but they were very busy.

Finally I have to share this photo of a magnificent edifice built solely to store cars for those who winter in this area. It has elevators to take cars up to their space. The bottom floor has a car wash and detail shop and repair shop. Full service hotel just for cars. I could not believe it.

Sorry the blog was not more interesting today. I did install a new stereo on the flybridge with a remore control in my spare time. Tomorrow we will be on the move again and head for Little Shark River in the Everglades. Maybe we will encounter our first real alligator.