Today we moved a bit further in our journey. The weather smiled on us and we were able to run out into the Gulf and make our way down to Marco Island. It was smooth as glass out there.

As we left Sanibel Marina I was able to take a shot of the narrow entrance and the sandbar. This morning a cross wind was blowing and Jan had to goose the power to get us through.

What a pleasant ride we had. Running just a couple of miles off the beach, dodging crabpots and listening to 50’s music. It was so calm we were able to dance on the flybridge as the boat tracked nicely in the calm water.

The channel into Marco Island harbor is a tricky one. We had been warned by our friends on Kismat to watch very carefully as it winds and turns back on itself. Clearly this is a big money part of Florida.

We docked at Rose Marina and took on fuel. 86 gallons and a pumpout. Then we moved to a protected slip and settled in. Later we took out the bikes and pedaled to dinner. Had BBQ at Porky’s Last Stand and watched the end of a nailbiter between the Patriots and the Ravens for the AFC Championship.

After dinner we stopped at Publix for a few items. Oh, and one last interesting tidbit, we spotted our first trophy¬†girlfriend of the trip. Jan said he was no prize and I said he doesn’t need to be; its his bank account that is the attraction.¬†

As my father used to say, “How would you like to be the painter that had to roll those jeans on her this morning?”