Cheeseburgers on Cabbage Key

We departed Venice at 1030 waving goodbye to Goree and Barbara. By the way if you are looking for a great little house in Venice on the intracoastal with a boat dock capable of tying up a 40+ foot boat then check out .

It was a beautiful ride down to Englewood where we had a luncheon engagement. We pulled in at the Palm Harbor Marina which turned out to have the shallowest channel we have ever seen. There was less than a half foot under the props in places and this was not low tide. Churned up a ton of seaweed but no ill effects. Today we were meeting the eldest son of Judge and Mrs. Robert Young. They live in Pennsylvania and I have known them for 25 years. Their son Don and his wife Debbie are vacationing in Florida and were kind enough to invite us to lunch. We had a wonderful meal and shared stories about his parents. They brought us a gift from Judge Young which included a set of charts we will use on the east coast. 

Above are the four of us at lunch and Don posing on Cbay with a wall hanging his mother made for our last boat and we are still using it today. Caroline is so talented.

I have just lost an hours work and will have to finish tomorrow. So sorry for me and you because I cannot wait to show you where we are tonight. Maybe I can do it in the morning.