Well I wet my pants again…

…and this time I have a picture to prove it.

More on this story later but first let us journey back to where I left you yesterday when I was about to fall asleep.

We arrived at the beautiful canal home of our friends Goree and Barbara Waugh. They are one canal over from the Venice Yacht Club. We eased right in and tied to their dock not 30 feet from their back door. They do not have 50amp power like a marina but we were able with extention cords to get all the power we needed. By cutting off everthing on the electrical panel except refrigerators, icemaker and battery charger we essentially had lights and water and cold storage. Then extention cords gave us TV, computers etc. Just like home.

We toured the area and had lunch at a most interesting place known as Snook Haven. It has in the past been a bootleggers hideout, a house of ill repute and gambling hall. Now it is a city park and sits on a wild and scenic river with wildlife everywhere.

Later that night dinner was served and we were treated to a wonderful pork tenderloin. A homemade Key lime pie rounded out the meal. We talked until we were worn out but I did get the question of the day answered. The name Goree is an old family name from England. He was named after an uncle who was named after a grandfather and so forth.

We slept on the boat and did not need heat as we are far enough south now to get by just fine. This morning Jan plugged up her coffee pot to an extention cord and life went uninterrupted.

After a big brunch of egg casserole, bacon, oven baked tomatoes and bread with honey we headed out to a secret location to hunt for prehistoric shark teeth. Apparently this area is famous for these. The weather was perfect and we waded into the surf to begin our hunt. That is when I got so involved in bending over to pick up treasures that I did not see the wave that got me and wet my pants again. Everyone had a great laugh and I had the title of tonight’s blog.

Just look at what we found…

Alex, Lucas and Maggie, be watching your mailbox as Judge and Mimi found these for you. Maybe you can take some to school and tell the class how you got them and that some are millions of years old.

I am now completely convinced we are at the last waystation of this life. Here we are wading in the surf picking up shark teeth and surrounded by old people all doing much the same thing. I used to laugh at this sort of thing and now I am living it. Help!!!

Goree and Barbara, yours truly counting his treasure, Jan proving once again that she does not want her picture taken and a pigeon who joined us for lunch.

Above are some scenes from the area. The pier at Sharkey’s, a beautiful banyon tree and the Gulf which is green here.

Somehow I managed to injure my good leg and due to the blood thinner I take the blood has pooled in my ankle. Does not hurt or seem to slow me down but looks funny. Elevation and ice pack seem to be helping. Tomorrow we move further south and meet a new friend who is the son of an old friend.