A turkey a day…

A turkey a day…

This morning we awoke early even though it is not a travel day. I asked Jan if she thought we would keep up this new early riser schedule even when the Loop was done and she doubts it.

We decided to devote our time until lunch to catching up on a few chores. I finished installing the controls for the GLOMEX antenna and Jan helped. Then we tidied up the boat.

Our friend Sue Distin arrived at noon to pick us up and take us home for Thanksgiving. We are going to the home of Larry and Delia Taulbee who have been kind enough to invite us to share Thanksgiving with their family.

The meal was traditional and very well prepared. I have not had turkey that moist in years. Apparently Delia wraps the bird in cheesecloth that has been soaked in wine. The bird was drunk with flavor.

We dined outside at a new table Larry had made. It was a work of art and had tractor seats on posts at each end. We ate under God’s sky much as the Pilgrim’s had. We ate too much.

Tomorrow we will gather with numerous friends at our boat to perform an honorable task, the final service for a friend…

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